Books Build Lives

What would your world look like if you didn't know how to write? Or to read the subtitles on the TV or what the carefully frosted birthday cake said? The Young Glory brief 2016 wanted us to convince private sector leaders to help educate kids in need around the world (especially girls and those in emergency settings) using their resources, reach and influence.

Educate yourself while educating others is a concept under the umbrella 'Books Build Lives'. We suggested that Penguin Classics would partner up with Global Citizen and make a campaign to create awareness around illiteracy - using their physical & digital books. 

Physical as well as online books from Penguin Classics would be designed with a removable cover over the book title. The text would be impossible to read, but when removing it, the original title would appear. This is supposed to put emphasize the illiteracy over the world, and encourage people to buy books - since Penguin would donate 0,99 cent per sold item.

Young Glory Books Build Lives 2016. 
Designer & Film Editor
Amy Zeilon