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Designer, copywriter + part-time HTML developer

Create a digital solution to create awareness around the refugee crisis 2015.

Clickheretosavetheworld is a website that can only display content by having a user interacting with it by clicking him or herself forward through each step. Behind the computer is a person who has worked in the help-organizations business, who has gotten tired people’s mentalities and therefor become bitter. When entering the website, there will only be a text stating: ”Click here to save the world”. After clicking on it, it says ”Saved.” Is it really that simple to save the world? 

Together with Paul Botwid, we came up with Clickheretosavetheworld after discussing the problems we saw about the way charity campaigns are usually presented. We've become so numb to these messages that we barely notice them anymore. *We were aware of the thin line having a sarcastic and humorous approach when discussing such a heavy topic. That's why we wanted to focus more on the user rather than the issue itself straight away. In the end we created something that we ourselves would take to heart.